Knutsford based Cheshire Ebikes hoping bike rental is future

A FATHER and son team are hoping they’re on the road to success after kick starting their own electric bike rental business.

Knutsford-based Andrew and Philip Spark founded Cheshire Ebikes in September last year, when Philip, a Chartered Surveyor, had more free time from his day job while working from home during the pandemic.

Andrew explained: “We’d always liked the cycling ethos and community.

“It’s environmentally friendly, good exercise and family fun and we could see the potential of ebikes from hiring ourselves at Silverstone racetrack.

“It seemed like the right time to start something new in an area we are passionate about.

“We are both keen to get people to explore the beautiful villages, national parks and country lanes in Cheshire.

“What better way than on an ebike?”

With climate change an issue at the forefront of many peoples minds, including most of the world’s leaders, finding green ways to get around seems paramount to all of our futures.

“Climate change is at a critical point and its important all of us make steps towards reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible,” Andrew added.

“Ebikes often mean a car isn’t necessary for local trips with a range of around 50 miles.

“We use the ebikes ourselves for trips to the shops and for family fun at the weekends.

“Charging them uses very little energy from a standard plug at home and makes cycling a pleasure, not a chore so it encourages us to get out and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful countryside.”

With regard to the ebikes themselves, Andrew says the standard ‘step through’ frames makes getting on and off the bikes easier, while the electronically assisted motor can be adjusted depending on the individual.

He added: “We find people like the motor to assist on the hills or for longer days out but its also possible to turn level of the assistance down gradually to get more of a workout or if recovering from an injury.

“It is a good way for people to get back into exercise.”

Despite starting the new business during the pandemic, the pair have already seen strong enquiries and with the potential of more people having staycations in the UK means there are likely plenty more to come.

“We see that more people will holiday in the UK for the foreseeable future and ‘Staycations’ will be the norm for a while,” Andrew went on.

“We will be dropping lots of our ebikes at hotels, holiday lets and B&B’s when they are able to reopen.

“We are optimistic that demand and the business will grow quickly as businesses begin to reopen.

“We hope to employ someone to deal with deliveries and act as a bike mechanic if things pickup as we expect.

“Plus, people are more aware than over of the importance of exercise and fresh air for wellbeing and to reduce stress and anxiety which is so common in today’s society.

“Anything to get kids away from their screens is positive.”

If you wish to give an ebike a try you can arrange to rent one at with the team delivering the rentals in their Transit Custom van to a pre-agreed spot/address.

The standard meeting point is Knutsford Moor Picnic area, but they often meet at people’s home, holiday accommodation or train stations.

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