The best electric cars 2021


The ID.3 will change the way you think about Volkswagen. And, the brand hopes, it’ll change the way you think about affordable electric cars.

This contender is priced, shaped and designed right for the heart of the family segment of the growing EV sector and, unlike previous battery-powered Volkswagens, it’s completely new from the ground up.

The ID.3 is loaded with smart technology lik it’s unique ID.Light that greets you as you make your approach. It also prompts you for upcoming navigation commands, indicates when you have a phone call coming in, and flashes red as a braking prompt when it senses an obstruction ahead.

For all of its tech and neat packaging, the most exciting selling point could be the price. The German manufacturers have delivered a family-sized all-electric vehicle that’s just as affordable as conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) options.

Price: From £28,370 inc. £2,500 Plug in Car Grant (PiCG)

Range: Up to 263 miles

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