Gravton Quanta Electric Bike – Price Rs 99,000, Range 150km, 3 Colours

Gravton, a Hyderabad-based startup EV brand, has introduced its first all-new electric bike “Quanta”. Priced at Rs 99,000, the new Gravton electric bike is available for booking on an immediate basis. It can be booked via its official website. As a promotional offer, the company is offering the Gravton charging station free of cost to limited users.

The Quanta electric bike is available in three color variants, namely, Red, White, and Black. One must note that the Black is being the special edition with limited supply. The model has been designed from the ground up with indigenously designed and developed components. It makes Gravton one of the only few EV brands manufacturing with the highest number of parts in India.

The bikemaker claims that “Quanta is a perfect blend of feature-rich and performance-driven vehicle, which is set to win the hearts of both Urban and Rural India”. The new Gravton electric bike comes with World’s first Rib caged chassis designed to give agility and safety to the battery compartment from theft and accident. The chassis geometry and fine-tuned suspension help to maneuver the vehicle with ease and comfort in city traffic and even on unpaved road conditions.

Gravton electric bike

Powertrain setup of the Quanta includes a 3KW proprietary BLDC motor, an in-house manufactured motor that is engineered for reduced mechanical losses and increased efficiency. It’s capable to attain a top speed up to 70 kmph. The bike provides an instant 170 Nm of maximum torque at wheel in any situation and on any patchy road. Features such as the BLDC motor capabilities and the tuned suspension bolted to a chassis with bigger 17inch wheels and a low center of gravity further enhance its performance.

The Quanta electric bike derives power from a 3 kWh Li-ion detachable battery and offers a 150 km travel range, extendable up to 320 km, on a single charge. Additionally, Gravton’s SES (Swap Eco System) with an intelligent Urban Mobility Solution enables rider to locate the nearest Gravton’s battery station, order an extra battery and easily summon and swap the battery at any given location.

The battery pack can be juiced up in 90 minutes with a fast charger and in 3 hours with a regular power socket. Some of its key features include swap enabled chassis, Smart app, Gotac ECU feature and more. The Gravton electric bike comes with a five-year battery warranty and easy replacement assurance.

Gravton Quanta Electric Bike – Price Rs 99,000, Range 150km, 3 Colours

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