Racer Rosa SC21 road bike review

The Racer Rosa SC21 is designed to showcase what the London-based brand can do, blending retro and modern in a unique way. 

Racer Rosa bikes are handmade in Italy by a terzista or contractor whose family has been making frames for larger brands since 1947 – but who now builds with modern materials including titanium and carbon-fibre.

Add to that WorldTour bike fitter Giuseppe Giannecchini, who – outside of pandemics – flies in from Italy for sessions with Racer Rosa clients in London in order to measure them up for custom frames or to improve their biomechanics on their own bikes, and you’ve got quite a unique set-up aimed at appealing to the connoisseur of custom Italian bikes.

Racer Rosa SC21

(Image credit: Daniel Gould)

For its aesthetic it channels the iconic Cinelli Laser of the 1980s, which used inserts or gussets that made the steel tubes look as if they flowed into each other. They were primarily meant to make the bike more aerodynamic but they had the added advantage of making it look very pretty.

Racer Rosa SC21: frame

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