How an Assam-based automobile service company raised $500,000

Automobiles have become an integral part of our lives. Whether it be for transportation, as a means to earn an income, or simply for luxury and convenience, it has become almost impossible to imagine our lives without them. As our need for convenience evolves, so also have we seen advancements in automobile technology. Even as we spare no expense in purchasing these mechanical beauties, it is important we also give them the best care possible. 

These vehicles could develop faults over time either as a result of bad roads or poor maintenance. This is the reason manufacturers urge car owners to care for these four-wheeled engines as best as possible to ensure they serve us for a long time. Unfortunately, there are very few competent automobile service companies that are capable of caring for our vehicles the way they should be cared for. One of the few outlets best suited for Indian car owners is Automovill, founded by Mridu Mahendra Das, Chinmay Baruah, and Ramana Sambu.

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