Bikes that revolutionised the two-wheeler industry in India

The Hero Honda Karizma can be credited for popularising the 200cc+ performance bike segment in India. Hero Honda understood exactly what the market and the youth needed at that point in time and gave it to them, a way out of the same 100 and 150cc commuter bikes bracket. This paved the way for more companies to step into the 200cc league, specifically Bajaj with Pulsar 200. It came with a sporty bikini fairing, a 223cc engine producing 17bhp and 18.35Nm of torque and could do 0-60kmph in approximate 3.8 seconds. The Karizma was able to hold speeds over 100kmph easily for longer without trouble and had a top speed of over 130kmph. It was Hero Honda’s contribution to the higher displacement big bike segment.

Although there are many bikes and scooters like the Kinetic Luna, Jawa 250, RD350, Bajaj Sunny that were influential and had an impact on you personally as well as on the Industry. But the ones that we mentioned on our list, we believe have played a very important role in revolutionising and guiding the automobile industry towards the future. Literally changing the course of their individual segments.

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