Police and business owners respond to dangerous dirt bike riding | Local

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The owner of McBride’s Yamaha said he sees dirt bikes in roadways all around town.

As someone who sells them on a regular basis, he said he’s frustrated to see riders using dirt bikes in ways they weren’t meant to. 

“They should not be there,” Michael McBride said. “They’re not meant for [street riding], they weren’t manufactured for [street riding].”

Dirt bikes don’t have headlights or taillights, McBride said it’s a major concern for him when he hears of so many young people riding them at night where they’re most difficult to see.

The consequences of dangerous riding have already proven deadly.  A 14-year-old was killed riding a dirt bike at night on the N Belt Hwy earlier this month.

Police said the problem isn’t as simple as just pulling dirt bike riders over.

“That’s a difficult situation for us when we encounter it,” Capt. Jeff Wilson, St. Joseph Police officer said.  “Generally those individuals do run from us.

They say they don’t want to put other drivers at risk by starting a chase.

Police added that they see this activity all hours of the day and night, and the danger is two-fold.

“Not only are you riding an illegal vehicle on the street, but you’re also riding it in an illegal manner.” Wilson said. 

Police said their best defense in cases like this involve the public. 

“They’re our eyes and ears.” Wilson said. “We’re able to through cooperation with our community members more times than not deal with some of these issues effectively.”

McBride desperately wants young riders to think about the consequences of riding non street legal dirt bikes where they shouldn’t.

“When you’re young like that, you think you’re invincible but you’re not!” He said. 

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