GO Car Wash to acquire Royal Car Wash locations

Royal Car Wash, which is owned by Rochester-based Daniele Management & Development is being sold.

The car wash company, which began in Brighton and has 14  locations, is being sold to GO Car Wash. With the acquisition that  Colorado-based company will have 77 locations in states including Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, Texas and and now, in New York state.

The Danieles say that they are still developing an additional 10 new car wash locations across Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse.

The letter from Daniele Management says that, “After almost 10 years of washing cars, we are excited to merge the unparalleled culture of the entire Royal Car Wash team together with the large-scale efficiencies of the ever-expanding national GO Car Wash platform of excellence in the quest to assemble the largest and most respected car wash company in America.”

A letter from Daniele management to the Royal Car Wash employees says that they will be distributing more than $1 million in profit sharing bonuses among shift-leader and above positions when the deal is completed.

The letter says that this deal will be the largest car wash transaction to date in the northeast.

Officials at GO Car Wash say that they will use the acquisition as a foothold to expand into New England.

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