Get the most out of your exercise bike

Are you wondering how to get the most of out your exercise bike? If you spent hours scrolling through lists of exercise bikes on the internet in order to find your perfect ride but now find that it sits in your home a little unloved then now is the time to rediscover it. Even if you have continued using it to burn off those calories, you might not be truly aware of just how this one machine can help tone, sculpt and shape your body without you having to leave the house.  

Now the winter months are coming, your exercise bike and a little pedal power could prove even more invaluable to helping you stay in shape. We asked the experts to reveal how to get the most out of your exercise bike. From perfecting the set-up of your bike, to choosing a routine and then if you haven’t bought a bike already, they have given us all the tips on finding the perfect one to suit you. Check out our buying guide for the best exercise bikes to see what’s available at the moment.

Perfect your set-up

How to get the most out of your exercise bike: Image of hands on bike handlebars

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Setting up your bike is super important according to kinesiologist Dasha Maslennikova of Symmetrix Exercise & Rehab. “It prevents less chance of injury or strain over long periods of use. If you’re reaching for the pedals on each revolution, or reaching for the handles, you will get tired more quickly,” she told Live Science. “If the seat is too close to the pedals you will put undue stress on your muscles and joints such as your knee which could cause pain over time.”

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