Is Mountain Biking Considered As An Extreme Sport

Some sporting events involve high risk, height, high speed, physical struggle, and natural challenges. Such action sports that elicit high levels of adrenaline are regarded as extreme sports. Any mismanagement mistake while participating the high-risk sports can lead to serious injuries and even death.

Despite the risks involved, adventure lovers are attracted to such activities. With numerous TV coverage of extreme sports, these activities have become popular. Mountain biking is a high-risk outdoor activity liked by many people. It involves off-road cycling on rough terrains like rocks and mountains. Bikers can also ride on canal towpaths and bridleways.

Professional riders use bikes specially modified for off-road trails for mountain biking. Riders can practice mountain biking in any season of the year. However, summer is the ideal season for such outdoor activity. The weather is dry and favorable for adventures.

Why is Mountain Biking Risky?

Have you ever asked, “Is mountain biking considered as an extreme sport?” Mountain biking can be fun but it is a high-risk sport. Riders cycle across bridges, trails with tree roots, steep ascents, and downhill slopes. Though riding in mountainous regions is risky, cycling downhill can be more challenging. A cyclist may sustain life-threatening injuries if the person’s bike trips.

Abrasions, cuts, and fractures are common from such an accident. Brain injury may also result if the head hits the ground with great force when a rider falls. Such an injury is the common cause of death among riders who experienced falls during mountain biking. If you participate in this adventure sport, your safety should be a priority.

What You Need to Participate in Mountain Biking

If you are considering taking part in mountain biking, make sure you have the skills to ride on rough natural terrain. It will be an added advantage if you have mastery of various types of mountain biking. Besides, you will need an ideal bike for off-road rides and quality protective gear.

Mountain Bike

You need a bike designed for the rugged terrain if you want to participate in mountain bike racing. Make sure you choose a mountain bike that is perfect for the type of race you want to take part in.

Repair kit

You should properly maintain the mountain bike. Also, equip your bike with a repair kit. You can resolve most mountain bikes’ breakdowns with simple tools.


A helmet is essential safety equipment for mountain bikers. It reduces the possibility of head injuries if a cyclist falls during mountain bike races.


Use gloves that cover the entire hand for protection against abrasions and cuts if you fall on the rugged terrain.


Use protective eyewear during races. Specifically designed goggles for mountain bikers will help you to have a clearer view of the road conditions. Besides, it will protect your eyes from dust, dirt, and rain.

A point of view camera mounted on your helmet is vital. It will display your moves from your viewpoint. Also, a mudguard attached to the mountain bike will protect it from the harsh conditions of the trails and debris. Make sure you wear protective gear when you participate in mountain biking. In addition to a helmet, wear neck braces, elbow pads, and knee pads.

You might have gotten answers to the question “Is mountain biking considered as an extreme sport?” The adventure sport is risky. Mountain bikers understand the risks associated with the game. For more information, see


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