The Best Entries of 2021

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Image: Jalopnik / Jason Torchinsky

Buyer Wanted: Something cheap and stupid

We Recommended: 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite MKIII

(The time to make the cheapest, stupidest and best mistakes is now.)

Anthony, you’re going about this just the right way. First, you have a bachelor’s degree, the highest possible degree if you don’t count the ones other than Associate’s degree or Microsoft Certification or something. Anyway, you’re all educated-up, so your residual stupidity needs an outlet, which is why I think you should get a fun, stupid, old British car. Specifically, this cheap Austin-Healey Sprite.

Now, this is a MKIII Sprite, so not the famous Bugeye, but the one that’s basically a clone of an MG Midget. But that’s just fine! It’s only $5,500 and it still looks great, with classic midcentury pontoon styling, just shrunk down to fun-sized.

This little Brit is a goofy little go-kart, and there is no way you’re not going to have a blast each and every time you drive it. This one even runs, and it seems someone has taken some time to upgrade it a bit with a far more reliable Nissan five-speed manual transmission, better seats and a Weber carb.


This thing looks fantastic, and you’ll have so much freaking fun in it. Imagine taking a friend and driving it under an 18-wheeler in a parking lot as this pal screams and nearly shits his pants! Think of yourself weaving gleefully through all the monochrome, boring, bloated SUVs and crossovers in traffic, laughing maniacally as you row through the gears of your little sapphire-colored bathtub, eyes a pair of twin spiral of glee!

This is your car, man. Fly down to Oklahoma and drive it back. Lean into the stupid — make it yours! You’ve earned it!

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