Tork Kratos electric bike India launch this month

Tork Kratos electric bike India launch this month

Tork Kratos electric bike India launch this month&nbsp

Remember Tork Motors that had showcased India’s first electric motorcycle — T6X — in 2016? Well, it looks like the company is finally ready to launch its first product in India. Yes, we know T6X has been a long time coming but this time the company is gearing up to finally jump on the EV bandwagon in India. Tork has rebranded T6X as Kratos and will launch this electric motorcycle in India this month. Interestingly, the bookings for Tork Kratos will commence after the launch of the motorcycles. This is different from the normal approach wherein companies open bookings well in advance of the official launch. Besides changing the name to Kratos, Tork has also reworked the motorcycle quite a bit, in terms of looks as well as the battery pack. Not sure if that will make up for the delay in Tork electric bike’s India launch but will give the motorcycle a better fighting chance against rivals like Revolt RV400.

As of now, Tork has revealed no official information about upcoming Kratos but shared that the electric bike will have Tork LIION lithium-ion battery pack with an axial flux motor. The company claims that it develops the highest peak power and range in the segment but we will have to wait for the official specifications. Tork Motors has also revealed that Kratos has a bigger battery pack than T6X which should offer more range and better performance. The bike will also support fast charging. For reference, the T6X had a top speed of 100 km/h and claimed riding range of 100 km on a single charge.

Tork T6X electric bike India launch details revealed

(Tork T6X)

Tork Kratos is an entirely new motorcycle and sits on a new frame. The bike also has a reworked design as compared to T6X and gets LED headlamp, split seats, and new tail light. The e-bike will have a digital instrument cluster and Tork Intuitive Response Operating System (TIROS) for a raft of features such as technical analysis, power management, real time power consumption, ride data compilation, etc.

Kapil Shelke, CEO/Founder of Tork Motors said, “After years of extensive research and iterations, we are all set to showcase the India’s first electric motorcycle – KRATOS. As the name indicates, KRATOS is personification of strength and power. It’s not only renamed as KRATOS but developed entirely as a brand-new motorcycle than T6X with notable redesigned frame and styling achieved by rigorous testing with internal and external teams.”

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