Elisa’s blog #1 – My winter

November and December were nice and different, compared to the past, because I could finally dedicate myself to mountain biking, thanks to my friends at Trek Italy who gave me a beautiful orange Trek Procaliber 9.8. It may seem strange, but until this year I had never tried this discipline, except for a few blissfully ignorant rides, a few years ago, with my brother Paolo, on a bike that wasn’t even a distant cousin of what we now call a mountain bike.

One of the most beautiful rides this winter was at night, using frontal lights, with my cousin Matteo and my boyfriend Jacopo. We started from Omegna, on Orta Lake, and we climbed up to Mount Barro, then we went down, in the woods, back to town.

Well… going uphill, everything was fine. On the descent, I felt like an elephant in a china shop. Jacopo and Matteo were descending like two dragons. I was behind them, a bloc. And of course, with extremely poor visibility.

Despite my super-clumsiness, I arrived at the destination safe and sound and… super excited! At one point, I even started to enjoy the descent, forgetting my fear of falling. It was a really nice experience. At the end, what a beautiful view from Mount Barro. You can see almost all of Lake Orta and, especially in the evening, it’s an incredible spectacle. Check out my Strava, if you want to have a look at my night ride:  https://strava.app.link/kYZbOHMVtnb

In short, it’s been a great winter, with the novelty of mountain biking that I think will now become a constant in my off-season.

For the moment, from Ornavasso, that’s all.

Back to you!

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