Fletcher High student hit while riding bicycle, witnesses say

NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. – Police in Neptune Beach were sent to investigate a collision involving a bicyclist Friday afternoon on Seagate Avenue at the intersection of Eastern Drive.

According to the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, a juvenile who was riding the bicycle was transported from the scene. The other vehicle involved stayed on scene.

Witnesses told News4JAX the bicyclist was a Fletcher High School student and that the accident happened while school was letting out. They said the driver of the SUV that was involved was also a student.

Caroline Berkey told News4JAX it was one of her schoolmates that was struck.

“The car abruptly stopped and she was freaking out,” Berkey said, referring to the driver of the SUV.

The bicyclist was said to have serious injuries, according to first responders.

Parents living along Eastern Drive said they feared something like this would eventually happen based on their daily observations of traffic.


“We’ve got kids coming out of school and they’re new to driving and they’re distracted because they have cellphones in their hands and they’re always coming up and down the road speeding,” said Alex Evans, a parent.

“It’s a problem in the morning when the kids are going to school, predominantly Fletcher because they’re at the age to drive,” added parent Erika Kinsey. “It’s a problem when they get out for early release or work release — they speed, probably going 50 to 60 mph down our road.”

The speed limit on the is street is 25 mph. There are a lot of young people riding their bikes in the street and parents say the chances of hitting a child while speeding are very high.

“I would prefer speed bumps,” Kinsey said. “The humps they have on Seagate, I think that would deter speeders. I would take a stop sign. I’ve offered police to sit in our driveway and to back in and pull people over and they’ve never done that.”


A request for comment from Neptune Beach police was not returned by Friday night.

Police in Neptune Beach were sent to investigate a collision on Seagate Avenue near Fletcher High school on Friday afternoon.

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