Gran Turismo 7: How To Customise Your Car & Driver

One of the best parts of any racing game is the sense of individuality that comes with customising your own cars and driver to better match yourself and your personality. Gran Turismo 7 offers players the ability to do just that, with a decent range of options available to players to customise both their cars and their driver’s attire.

In order to customise your car and driver, you need to unlock the GT Auto pavilion in the World Tour mode, which is done by progressing naturally through the game’s Menus. Menus are essentially Quests that you receive from the Cafe, tasking you with completing certain objectives. They’re either for acquiring a specific set of cars, or trying out certain features within the game like Licence Tests or the Missions.

Once you’ve unlocked GT Auto, you can perform a variety of functions here, such as giving your car a wash to remove all the dirt, changing your oil and other aspects of your car to improve the internal performance. This is also the place you need to go in order to change and customise both the visuals of your car and your driver’s attire.

When selecting to customise your car, you can edit a number of features of your car, though these will vary from car to car. You can customise features like your front and rear bumpers, the side fenders, the rear wing, the wheels (including rims, wheel size and more) along with the overall paint job. You can even custom create liveries using up to 300 layers, to add that extra personal touch to your ride.

As for customising the driver, you can customise the colour of your driver’s attire, and add special liveries and designs in the same manner as you would your car. To begin with, there’s no additional helmets or outfits to choose from, but as you increase your collection level, you’ll unlock new outfits to equip for your driver.

Gran Turismo 7 is available on PS5 and PS4.

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