Springfield auto shop reports ‘rampant’ rise in thefts and vandalism

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – A Springfield auto shop has been hit with a series of thefts and vandalism over the past few months. The owner believes a repeat offender is causing all the trouble.

Lee Grant, the owner of Christian Brothers Automotive, is asking others to help identify this person.

“It’s somebody that kind of has a routine,” said Grant. “I think they’re probably desperate for money for whatever reason and they view automotive shops as an easy target.”

Grant said the experience can be draining.

“We’re all working hard,” said Grant. “We’re trying not to take risks. We want to go home to our families. We don’t want to be involved in an individual who’s desperate.”

Grant has filed around 10 police reports on crimes involving his business. Based on surveillance video, Grant said the thief frequently drives a late model red Toyota Sienna. However, some of the crimes have involved other vehicles, like a white Ford F-150 extended cab.

Grant said the crimes have become more frequent. The damage has also been significant.

“In the last couple months in particular, and the last year or two, it’s been pretty rampant,” said Grant. “$5,000 to $6,000 in theft and vandalism and damage.”

Grant said his business is installing a new security system and enhancing its lights in an effort to stop the criminal. He hopes these efforts will stop the thief before more shops get hit.

“It’s draining to think about somebody is taking from you when the rest of us are here just trying to work to provide for our families,” said Grant.

If you know anything about these crimes, report them to the Springfield Police Department or your nearest law enforcement agency.

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