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The Foundation to Illuminate America’s Heroes, Inc., a nonprofit charitable entity formed and headquartered in Dothan some 10 years ago by Dothan resident David Jamison and his 30-year best friend, William (Bill) Ciosek, was created to find and illuminate the stories of America’s real heroes to new generations today and to inspire a new wave of American greatness.

The Foundation has identified its first true American hero – legendary film producer and creator of King Kong, Merian C. Cooper, who heroically risked his life to repay America’s debt incurred during our American Revolution when two of Poland’s generals joined George Washington’s Army to help defeat the British.

In “Greatest Story Never Told,” Cooper, a young aviator in the days following World War I, heard about the Bolshevik attempt to move westward through Poland and encouraged a group of fellow American aviators to volunteer to join the Poland military to turn back the Bolshevik aggressors, forming the Kosciuszko Squadron in memory of one of two Polish generals in our American Revolution.

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This heroic story has been dynamically captured in a screenplay passionately supported by all the top talent who has already read it. With the help of a talented Hollywood film editor, they have released a three-minute film trailer video entitled “The Greatest Story Never Told.”

Genesis Productions LLC, created and owned by Jamison and Ciosek and their screenplay writing partner Sheldon Bart, is the cinematic production company associated with the Foundation to Illuminate America’s Heroes, which owns all film rights to the story.

The three-minute film trailer video can be seen on the opening page of the website for the Foundation to Illuminate America’s Heroes at

This dynamic film trailer video has proven to be a major breakthrough tool enabling Genesis Productions to find a major international co-production partner and enter into discussions with representatives of top-tier director and acting talent in Hollywood to make this heroic film a reality for the whole world to see.

The website of the Foundation to Illuminate America’s Heroes has been promoting this heroic and inspiration film project worldwide for the past 10 years with more than 30 worldwide press releases and 10 major media stories, which are included in the foundation website along with the video. More detailed information of this heroic story and film project is available in the foundation website along with contact information.

As the three-minute video states, the Polish government and its various agencies, such as its Ministry of Culture and Film Institute are prepared to provide the necessary financing to help make this film a reality to inspire the whole world if Genesis Productions can retain a top-tier Hollywood director and lead actor to play the role of Merian Cooper.

Genesis Productions and its international co-production partner have targeted the following top-tier directors to join this project: Mel Gibson; Clint Eastwood; Randall Wallace; and Joseph Kosinski, director of the recent Tom Cruise sequel, Top Gun II. They have targeted top-tier actors to play the role of Merian Cooper: Mel Gibson’s son Milo Gibson; Matthew McConaughey; Bradley Cooper; Chris Pratt; Ryan Gosling; and Tom Cruise.

For the past 10 years, Jamison and his two partners have borne the entire expense of their mission to illuminate America’s heroes and inspire a new wave of American greatness through their foundation and movie project. They now need additional help from other patriots in the Dothan area to help them get across the finish line to make their first heroic movie a reality for the whole world to see.

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