Nearly 3000 bicycle storage shelters coming to streets of Glasgow

Nearly 3000 secure spaces for bikes are to appear on Glasgow’s streets.

The ‘bike hangers’ can store up to six bikes each and are lockable storage units for people who struggle to find a safe space for their cycling gear.

Glasgow City Council has committed to spending half a million pounds, building 77 of the units this year and then a further 120 of them each year for the next three years.

Lockdown saw more people choosing two wheels over four, but with more bikes around there’s been a rise in thefts.

“There’s plenty of places to lock your bike up in the city, but I also take mine into the house because I wouldn’t trust it out on the street,” said Stephen Steele, owner of Corner Bikes in Shawlands.

“Even though people have a good lock, all it takes is someone to come along with a power tool.”

It’s hoped the ‘bike hangers’ will give people in the city’s tenements a secure place for their bikes.

“Most people chain their bikes in the staircase of their tenements, it’s actually the least safe place you can keep them,” said Gregory Kinsman-Chauvet from the charity Bike for Good.

A pilot of 61 ‘Bike Hangers’ was launched last summer, currently there’s 98% occupancy, with a waiting list of more than 1500 people looking for spots. This has led the council to expand the scheme.

“We’ve seen schemes like this roll out in other cities, so we knew it would go well,” said Councillor Anna Richardson, “There’s huge demand and it shows we need to keep rolling this scheme out.”

Anyone looking to sign up to the scheme can do so through the Cyclehoop website.

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