Plans in for Construction of Brompton Bicycle Factory in Ashford, London

Brompton Bicycle, a British manufacturer of folding bicycles based in Greenford, London, plans to develop a 100-acre wetland site into a factory (Brompton Bicycle Factory in Ashford) capable of producing approximately 200,000 bikes each year.

Designed by architect Guy Hollaway, the factory the proposals of which will be submitted for approval in April will also serve as the company’s new worldwide headquarters.

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To bring the concept to life, the folding bike manufacturer is collaborating with Ashford Borough Council, a local authority that provides services to residents in Ashford, Tenterden, and a large network of surrounding villages.

It is also engaging Quinn Estates, one of Kent’s leading developers and the most proactive mixed-use developer in the southeast region focused on delivering jobs, homes, game-changing infrastructure, and exceptional community gains.

Approval and construction of the Brompton Bicycle Factory in Ashford

The cabinet of Ashford Borough Council recently approved in principle the proposals for the new Ashford factory.

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The new facility will be built using stilts, low-carbon processes, and materials due to the nature of its site. Upon completion, the project will allow the community to restore the wetland while also encouraging walking and cycling. It will also enable Brompton to meet 1.5°C-aligned emission reduction targets as part of its Net Zero goals.

Speaking on the project, Will Butler-Adams, CEO of Brompton, said that London was the inspiration for Brompton and that by picking Ashford, the company can maintain its strong ties to London and the United Kingdom while still being close to Europe.

“With the planning and development of the new site, we have a long way to go, but we’re grateful for the cooperation of Ashford Borough Council, Hollaway Studios, and Quinn Estates in realizing our shared goal of building this revolutionary and ecological bicycle factory of the future,” explained Butler-Adams.

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