Stalling on auto no-fault costs victims care, dignity

1 Stalling on auto no-fault costs victims care, dignity

It was a nice summer day, and they were driving to a wedding. Michael Wallace was in the passenger seat of the Ford Ranger. He wasn’t feeling great so his girlfriend was driving. At one point, she looked over to check on him, heard the rumble strip beneath the tires, and jerked the wheel back. The Ford hit a median, flipped and collided with a semitruck going the opposite direction.

It was a horrific crash. While his girlfriend would come out of it OK, Michael had to be airlifted to a Kalamazoo hospital. He was paralyzed from the neck down.

He was 20 years old.

That story could happen to anyone. Me. You. Your kids. Your loved ones. But because this was 1996, and Michael lived in Michigan, he benefited from a no-fault law that was unique in the nation. Our state offered lifetime benefits to victims of catastrophic auto accidents. No limits. No capping out.

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