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Is it worth it to have my car shipped? Shipping a car costs real money. Cars, however, are quite expensive. For some, using trade-in money for a new car at the new location makes more sense. For most, saving money is just one reason to ship your car instead of buying a new one.


Time and money savings are perhaps the biggest reasons to ship your car, rather than purchase a new one when you get to where you’re going. Many of us have long-term payment plans or leases that are difficult or expensive to get out of. Some consumers have collector automobiles that need to be shipped simply because they can’t be replaced.


The next best reason to ship your car is just for simplicity. By handing over the quoted price amount to a transport company, any concerns about how to get the job done are over. Many companies will pick up and drop off the car right to your door. Damage insurance options, and the promise to take care of your vehicle, takes most of the worry away.


Driving long distances is hazardous from many angles. Car trouble, human error and weather can all affect your safety when operating a car for long distances. Having your car transported professionally removes the personal safety concerns involved.

Save Wear and Tear

It comes as no surprise that having your car hauled to a distant location on a truck will help maintain its current value. By eliminating the extreme mileage associated with driving it there, you’ll save your car the wear and tear of a long road trip. Leave it to the experts who have transportation vehicles that are designed to take the beating.

Inoperable Car

If your car isn’t in working condition and can’t be driven, it can still be shipped. In that case, it’s called long distance towing, but it’s the same thing and the cost is similar for transporting it. Other costs may apply in regards to getting the car onto, and off of, the shipping vehicle. In severe cases, a forklift may have to be hired at the beginning and end of the trip.

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