Pensioner with disabled badge slapped with £70 parking as he got prescription

Reg Davies, 79, who was slapped with a £70 fine while he was getting a prescription, said the charge “is unfair, unjust and leaves me impenitent to say the least”

Reg Davies said the parking fine is totally unfair
Reg Davies said the parking fine is totally unfair

A pensioner who was slapped with a £70 parking fine while he picked up a prescription has accused the council of being out to make cash from disabled people.

Reg Davies, 79, parked his car in Leek, Staffordshire, to walk to the chemist on the opposite side of the road.

When he got back a parking fine of £70 had been slapped onto his vehicle, reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days, Stoke Sentinel reported.

Reg is furious at the fine, given that he needed a refill of medication he has to take everyday.

Mr Davies said: “I was parked on the top of Russell Street in Leek on the right hand side.

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Mr Davies questioned why he was slapped with a fine


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“My disabled badge and documents were clearly visible. There were no signs this was a loading bay and I was not blocking anyone.

“I take seven tablets a day and it was urgent to get to the chemists. I can’t walk very far and it is ideal to park in Russell Street at the top end.

“I feel this is just a way by the council to make more money from disabled people.

“I have been hard done to, by Staffordshire County Council. It is totally unfair on people when you are trying to do the right thing.”

In a letter to the compliance officer at Staffordshire County Council, Mr Davies said: “This penalty charge is unfair, unjust and leaves me impenitent to say the least.

“Your letter states that my car was parked where loading or unloading was prohibited at the time. I was doing neither.

“If I had parked on the side of the road where the notice is, then yes, I would have blocked all traffic.

“I was, however, parked on the opposite side blocking nothing and nobody.

“I would like to take a close look at this notice, a copy which you kindly sent to me. It states ‘restricted parking zone no loading’.

“Since that part of Russell is flanked on one side by the gable end of Halifax Building Society, and the other end by a church, one cannot envisage any loading activities taking place.”

In reply, Mr Davies received a letter from the county council’s compliance officer.

The letter said: “The Penalty Charge Notice was issued because your vehicle was parked where loading or unloading was prohibited.

“These restrictions are enforced for safety reasons where parked vehicles could be dangerous, block lines of sight for other road users, or cause an obstruction.

“During restricted hours, a vehicle is not permitted to wait, even for the purpose of loading or unloading, regardless of the length of time involved or if a disabled badge is displayed.”

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