Picard Season 2 Easter Egg Lets Fans Get Ridiculed by Q

Star Trek: Picard season 2 features a fun Easter egg that lets fans call a phone number and be ridiculed by John de Lancie’s Q.

A Star Trek: Picard Easter egg allows fans to get ridiculed by Q. John de Lancie originated the role of omniscient entity Q on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now the trickster is back to once again test Jean-Luc Picard in season 2 of the Paramount+ series centered on the further adventures of the famed Enterprise captain.

But indeed the Q featured in Star Trek: Picard season 2 is somewhat different than the version of the character fans grew to know and love. The old Q brought a gleeful quality to his antics as he put Picard and his crew through their paces on TNG. The new Q however is all about business, as he conveyed by slapping Jean-Luc in the face during their first season 2 encounter. Since that slap, Q has plunged Picard and his new crew into an alternate timeline where the Federation is a fascist organization bent on destroying all alien life, forcing Picard and friends into a time travel adventure with the future of the universe at stake.


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Of course with time travel comes more opportunity for Q to throw things into chaos. In Picard season 2, episode 5, Q indeed continued unfolding his ever-mysterious plans by making contact with Adam Soong, the ancestor of Data’s creator Noonian Soong. By way of introducing himself, Q took control of Soong’s devices and made the befuddled 21st Century man 3D-print a business card complete with the phone number 323-634-5667. Naturally fans couldn’t help but actually call the number featured on Q’s card, and when they did they delightfully discovered a real message from their favorite god-like Star Trek entity. Check out that message in the space below (via Gizmodo). Also, check out a tweet from Jörg Hillebrand pointing out that Q’s card has actually been hiding in front of fans’ eyes all along as part of Picard season 2’s opening title sequence.:

Hello! You have reached the Q Continuum. We are unable to get to the phone right now, because we are busy living in a plane of existence your feeble, mortal mind cannot possibly comprehend.

Furthermore, it’s pointless to leave a message, because we of course already knew that you would call, and we simply do not care. Have a nice day.

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Indeed the above message is exactly what one would expect to hear from Q, who continues to have nothing but contempt for humanity – yet somewhat ironically can’t help being fascinated by humans. Of course Picard season 2 as previously stated does feature a somewhat different version of Q, one who appears more desperate than the trickster who showed up periodically on TNG. Indeed Q himself seems confused about some of what is going on in the alternate timeline he created. And the one character who befuddles Q the most is Jean-Luc’s ancestor Renee Picard, a young astronaut suffering from depression whom Q tries to use his powers on, only to find them ineffective.

It remains to be seen what Q ultimately has up his sleeve when it comes to Renee Picard and Adam Soong, not to mention Soong’s daughter Kore, who is afflicted with a mysterious genetic illness. But whatever Q is up to obviously leads to reality getting thrown into disarray, resulting in the dark timeline Picard and company encountered after being blipped out of Stargazer. Indeed there has been a lot of darkness on Star Trek: Picard season 2, but if fans need a little levity amid all the grim confusion, now they can call Q and be verbally abused.

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Source: Gizmodo, Jorg Hillebrand/Twitter

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