Police hunting three men on bikes ‘holding machetes’ in Southampton

POLICE are hunting three people who were said to be riding bikes through Southampton, while holding machetes.

Hampshire police says that at 1.26pm yesterday afternoon, reports were made that three men had been seen riding two motorbikes on International Way. 

Romsey Advertiser:

The force added that they “appeared to be holding machetes”.

It was also reported that the two bikes were driving on the grassy area between International Way and Kingsclere Avenue.

The bikes remained in the area for a short time before driving along Burghclere Road and then on towards Chamberlayne Leisure Centre on Weston Lane.

Romsey Advertiser:

“We are not aware of anyone being injured or threatened by the three males,” a spokesperson for the police says.

The people involved have not yet been located.

Description of those involved 

Romsey Advertiser:

  • The driver of the first, larger moped is described as initially wearing a black, blue and silver helmet with what appeared to be a black balaclava underneath. He was also wearing a light grey coloured tracksuit and white trainers with a black stripe. He was later seen wearing a black and green helmet.
  • The passenger on the larger moped is described as wearing a dark, thick jacket with a blue hood underneath and dark trousers. He also appears to be wearing a balaclava and was later seen wearing the black, blue and silver helmet previously seen on the driver.
  • The male on the smaller framed bike is described as wearing a black balaclava, dark trousers and dark shoes, as well as a dark jumper with white sleeves and hood.

Two of the males were riding on a large, darkly coloured moped and the third was alone on a small framed black sports type motorbike.

Anyone with any information is asked to call 101 quoting reference 44220129594.

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