So you thought you could ride

Meh. Utah desert. That’s a different sort of skill and scale to what you ride. Sedona rocks? Yeah, very clever and all that, but at least you can feel your fingers while you’re riding, it’s warm there. PNW? So much woodwork, and loam. Your local trail’s woodwork barely extends to a signpost. Those riders in the videos might be better than you, but what they’re doing is just different. Like finches on the Galapagos Islands – they’re adapted for there, you’re adapted for here. Here, in the ruts and slither and algae covered rock, you’re OK. Maybe you’d even go so far as to say ‘quite good’?

Think again.

1 So you thought you could ride

This video by Craig ‘Cregskin‘ Evans turns a trail that’s barely…no, it’s just not there. And he makes it looks like it is, and that it’s smooth and flowy and grippy, instead of a jumbly heap of slippery green rocks with a dusty of frost and ice for added spice.

Sigh. It’s like Chris Akrigg without any hopping about. Just impossible flow. Enjoy.

Loamers are easy – Soft, grippy, forgiving. Craig Evans is hard, talented and relentless, which is how he’s able to make some of Yorkshire’s greasiest, squarest rocks look like a flow trail. Pull up a chair and a pint of ale for four minutes of savagely poetic riding on places tires have never been before. Craig Evans rides a Santa Cruz Bronson with SRAM brakes and drivetrain, Rockshox suspension and Maxxis tires in this video. The Bronson is our 150mm-travel, mixed wheel core all-rounder for riders who value fun and fast. The combination of 29-inch front wheel provides confidence for rolling over obstacles, traction under load and the 27.5-inch rear wheel makes quick direction changes easier. This amount of travel also means it’ll take the big hits but retains the kind of sprightliness of a really playful bike. If in doubt, take a Bronson out.

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