10 things for WooSox fans to enjoy this season at Polar Park

WORCESTER, Mass. – Baseball season is once again returning to Worcester.

In preperation for their second season since moving to the city last year,  the Worcester Red Sox have made several improvements and additions both inside and outside of Polar Park in an effort to improve the overall fan experience.

Here are 10 things that WooSox fans can get excited for in the upcoming season at Polar Park:

1. A brand new video board on the Worcester Wall

The new right field video wall is intended to enhance the experience for fans sitting on the third base side of Polar Park and the newly-renamed Simply Orthodontics Berm. The large video board, 22’ high and 39’ wide, will provide fans with similar information to the giant board in left field, including player photos, name and number, season statistics, performance in that game, and game notes.

2. More seats, seating options available

Polar Park has introduced a variety of new seating and reservation options this season, including the Simply Orthodontics Berm, drink rail seats, high-top tables, Papi’s Power Alley (up to 34 seats), the Triple Decker Garden (up to 60 seats), and the Beantown Betty duck boat (up to ten seats). The total number of full season tickets has also been increased from 2,100 to 2,300 per game.

3. New offerings at the Green Street Entrance

Building off of the newly-completed Plymouth Street entrance from last year’s season, Polar Park has introduced a variety of new attractions, including Picket Plaza, Sherwood Diner, and the Summit Street Garden, a new eatery just outside the main park. The Sherwood Diner, a surviving diner from the long-defunct Worcester Lunch Car Company, was purchased by the WooSox foundation last season for use as a headquarters for the organization.

4. Multiple new dining options inside the park

Alongside the Summit Street Garden, the park will also be introducing several new dining options inside the main walls of the park, including fried dough and cotton candy (due to popular demand), a new Wormtown Brewery, a new stand for Fenway Park’s well-known “The Sausage Guy”, and more. Several local restaurants from the area will also be showcasing their foods through the “Taste of Worcester” showcase at the park.

5. WooSox players will reside in the Canal District this season

With the team making arrangements with area real estate agents, all players will reside in Worcester’s Canal District for the entire season. Players will have the opportunity to interact with the community outside of the games, as they explore the city and visit local businesses and eateries alongside Worcester residents and visitors.

6. More parking will now be available

In an effort to address one of the largest complaints from last season, a new 350-car parking garage near Polar Park’s D-gate entrance will be completed and ready for use by Opening Day. The garage was originally expected to be completed last fall, though a supply shortage ultimately delayed those plans by several months. This will add onto the 21 other parking options available throughout the city, of which the team has outlined on their website here.

7. Multiple new park accessibility features

One of the park’s most notable improvements for this season is its drive towards amenities for the accessibility community. Some of these include more handicap accessible entrances, wait service for handicap seating, seat cushions for those needing a better view for up-front seats, and a designated service dog relief area. The park will also plan for more peanut-allergy friendly days this season, and Deaf & Hard of Hearing Awareness Night is scheduled for April 29, where players will be wearing jerseys with “WooSox” written in sign language.

8. New promotional initiatives throughout the season

The team will also be introducing several promotional initiatives throughout the season, including “Take Two Tuesdays”, in which each Tuesday an item is featured allowing fans to buy one and “take two”. A “Marvel’s Defenders of the Diamond” event is also scheduled for August 7, featuring special uniforms for the team.

9. New fan outreach programs

School-aged and college students will now have the opportunity to visit the park through special programs, with scheduled school days for Wednesday games in April, May, and June, and a new “WooU” loyalty program for area college students debuting this season. The WooSox also plan to host sleepovers for local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, as well as “Town Takeover Days” for nearby towns to be featured during pregame ceremonies.

10. New and continued community initiatives

Both inside and outside the park, the team plans to continue its existing community initiatives while also introducing new ones. The WooSox foundation Care-A-Van will continue to assist the greater Worcester community, and a 3.14 mile WooSox Foundation Pi-K, in collaboration with Table Talk Pies, is scheduled for April 30. Eight “Los Wepas de Worcester” games will be scheduled this season and a new “Cans to Candles” recycling program will be introduced.

For more information about the 2022 Worcester Red Sox season, and Polar Park, visit the official WooSox website here.

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