2023 Toyota GR Corolla vs. 2023 Honda Civic Type R: Which Hatch Is Hotter?

2023 Honda Civic Type R vs. 2023 Toyota GR Corolla comparison guide highlights:

  • The Honda Civic Type R will likely be more powerful than the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla, though roughly as fast
  • Both hot hatches offer significant chassis and suspension upgrades over their ‘normal’ equivalents, as well as more performance features
  • The GR Corolla will likely cost roughly the same as the Type R

We might be in for a second hot hatch golden age here in the US, or at least a silver one. For one, the Honda Civic Type R is getting a 2023 encore. And secondly, Toyota is officially making the GR Corolla. That does present a problem for hot hatch enthusiasts, though: which one should they consider buying?

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