A rise in Kansas traffic fatalities leaves more families in pain

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Kansas roads are off to their deadliest start since 2017, leaving many families and friends to mourn the loss of their loved ones due to traffic accidents.

As of late March, preliminary data showed nearly 90 people have died in fatal accidents.

It’s a pain Sarah Boston knows. It’s been a challenging week following her boyfriend, Hunter Lane’s death Monday due to a motorcycle accident.

Sarah said, “Everybody tells me it’s going to be okay, and I’m going to get through it, and right now, it doesn’t seem like that.”

Sarah said that she could feel something was wrong when she first learned of the accident at Central and Greenwich.

“The whole way there, I was praying, praying to God that it wasn’t him, and when I got there, and I saw him and saw our bike, I just, it was the worst day of my life,” she said.

Sarah said Hunter was someone full of love for their two-year-old daughter and her four-year-old son with many aspirations for their future.

“He was really, really hoping that she’d be born on her birthday so they could share it, but she wanted her own day,” said Sarah.

She added, “Won’t be able to build our school bus. I was going through all of our sketches and stuff today. The last sketch he did was of the outside, and he labeled it the four-lane manner.”

The hardest part has been letting go of the future they were looking forward to.

Police said at the Central and Greenwich intersection, Hunter on his motorcycle heading east and a car turning south collided. Police said they’re investigating speed as a factor.

“I’m hoping he didn’t suffer because he probably was speeding, and I told him every day to not,” said Sarah.

Sarah also said she wants people to be observant because a split second can make a difference.

She said, “If you don’t know for 100 percent sure that it’s clear, don’t turn or don’t go.”

Now, it’s about preserving Hunter’s memory for her kids.

Sarah explained, “They’ll know his laugh. They’ll know his smile. They’ll watch him say I love you. They’ll watch him boop their nose. He’d go up and boop them on the nose, and they’d smile real big, and they’d boop him back. He loved those kids.”

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help Sarah and the family with funeral expenses.

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