An Outrageous Amount of People Paid Over MSRP in January

Dishonest car dealers are a common cliche in mainstream movies, television, and fiction. While there are plenty of honest brokers out there, there are definitely dealers who will massage the truth or outright lie about a car’s value to make their commission. Unfortunately, when car buying, many dishonest dealers often succeeded in getting consumers to pay an outrageous amount over MSRP.

How the coronavirus affected the car sales industry

A Queens, New York City used car dealership lot in January

A used car dealership lot | Pablo Monsalve/VIEWpress via Getty Images

At the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic’s start, the automotive industry was thrown into chaos. Lockdowns meant consumers couldn’t get into showrooms, and remote work meant many didn’t want to. However, some consumers who retained their jobs and healthy savings accounts did want to take their stimulus checks and buy new cars. Others found themselves no longer able to rely on public transportation to commute and needed to purchase reliable vehicles.

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