ArenaEV gets a new feature: a tool to calculate a car’s range in different driving conditions

We recently launched our new project, ArenaEV, and we are constantly working to make it more useful. Today we’re launching the first new feature, the Real world range tool, which will help in your EV purchasing decisions by showing you how far a particular model can go on a single charge.

There is no simple answer to that since the range depends on the driving conditions. This is where the new tool comes in – it allows you to set the driving speed and ambient temperature (plus an option for cars with a heat pump) and it calculates the distance you can travel before you deplete the battery based on a proprietary physics model.

Here is a live demo of the tool:

Sorry, the tool doesn’t work with AMP. Switch to our mobile site to try it out!

You can read the detailed explanation on In short, speed has the biggest impact on range – an EV can go a lot further at city speeds than at highway speeds. We have built the site to serve those using metric units as well as those using the imperial system, so don’t forget to hit the cogwheel icon to set up your preferences.

The second biggest factor that determines how far you can go is temperature. For example, in cold weather the car needs to keep not only its battery warm, but also its passengers. Some models offer a heat pump that helps reduce power usage in the cold.

Our proprietary physics model uses WLTP/EPA range ratings and real world tests as a basis, but can calculate range even for conditions that weren’t tested. This is why the tool is available only for select models and drivetrains – you can see the full list here. We are working on adding more models and will rapidly expand its coverage in the coming days and weeks.

And we can use your help. Do you drive one of the cars on the list? If yes, we’d love to hear about how your experience compares to the results from the range tool – you can leave a comment here or over at the ArenaEV post. We appreciate your feedback!


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