Beer’s Invertable Ale Tires Transform Your Mountain Bike Into a Tarmac Cruiser

Enduro bikes can do it all, right? Well, now they really can. If you’re looking for another way to avoid paying soaring gas prices or just want to ride your mountain bike from Squamish to Whistler “for fun”, like Henry Quinney or Tom Bradshaw, we’ve got the tires for you! Turn any mountain bike into a pavement princess with this revolutionary, patented SmoothAs tire technology.

You want compliance and efficiency? Look no further. Thanks to the help of chief prototype 700c gravel tester, Mike Levy, we’ve taken this space-age technology to new heights and rated them for full offroad use in either configuration. By flipping the tires inside-out, even the grippiest offroad lugs hide away for a low friction tread that will turn the longest soul crushing liaisons into a pleasant tarmac stroll. This also reduces the volume of the Ale tires, which have capabilities of reaching 99 PSI for lower rolling resistance. The rubber knobs are actually optimized cushions that provide puncture protection as a gravel specific insert we call NearAir, run-flat technology.

The tires will be available in 69mm widths for 650b and 700c rims. Bundles can also be purchased in six and twelve packs. We’re working tirelessly on new tread designs Keep an eye out for future products like the gluten free Ultra Foamy tire sealant that is currently brewing.

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