Best bike rack for cars: Transport your bike by car safely and securely

The best bike rack for cars is a way to open up your world. While it’s very romantic to ride out your front door and never touch a car, unfortunately, it’s also limiting. No matter how amazing the riding out your front door might be, after a bit of time, you will have covered every possible route. You can keep pushing farther and farther but sadly none of us has an unlimited amount of time to ride and covering the old landscape to get to the new will eat away at our time.

That’s why you can think of the best car bike racks and carriers as a ticket to new adventures. Loading up your bike opens up your world of riding to new landscapes and maybe even new types of riding. You might consider driving to an after-work race during the week or a faraway weekend race. Or maybe you’ve been perusing our list of the best gravel bikes and you’d rather start and stop out of the city. Whatever your motivation might be, new adventures await when you’ve found the best bike rack for your needs.

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