Best kick scooters for adults 2022 to make you feel like a kid again


f you are looking for a fun way to get from A-B, that’s also eco-friendly and even burns calories, then look no further.

Hop on to an adult scooter and you’ll soon be feeling the benefits; just half an hour of riding burns around 200 calories- that’s more than taking a walk. It also makes you use muscles that you may not often get a workout and it firms up your behind too.

Scooting can easily be incorporated into your daily routine and are great for shorter journeys like the school run (it certainly helps when trying to keep up with your children as they whizz ahead on their own scooters), popping to the shops or just getting some fresh air if you don’t quite fancy a run. The beauty of the adult scooter is that you don’t need to worry about wearing specialist clothing, they don’t take up loads of precious storage space and best of all – they’re really fun to ride.

Scooting is a really effective way to travel, as many models can be folded, so you can even use them as part of your daily commute. Just fold down and hop onto the bus or train. If you want to take your scooter to work, it’s worth looking for ones with a shoulder strap, so you can carry them easily.

It’s worth checking the weight limit of the adult scooter you are looking at, as some models only cater up to 100kg. For a smooth ride look for ones with suspension, so that you won’t feel every crack, lump and bump in the pavement. Many models come with back brakes but more and more scooters have a front brake similar to a bike, which is easier to get used to if you haven’t ridden a scooter before.

Push scooters used to be seen as something just for children to play on, but now that as so many choices for adults of all ages and sizes. We’ve sussed out the best to help inform your purchase.

See our favourites below

Decathlon Commute 900


This sleek and, dare I say it, sexy-looking scooter took seconds to set up – the quickest of all the scooters I tested.

It’s cool design and ergonomic handles would look great on a commute. One of the best features is how quickly and easily it folds, perfect for hopping on and off a bus or train. This scooter is designed for rides of up to 5km, so perfect for slightly longer journeys.

A few people mistook it for an e-scooter with its chunky wheels and it is easy to see why. It was really fun to ride, looked great and at £129.99, it’s well worth the money.

Osprey Action BMX Scooter

Osprey Action

If you are looking for an adult scooter that takes you back to your childhood, this is the one.

Having never been allowed a BMX bike in the eighties, this was the next best thing – a BMX scooter hybrid. I loved everything about this adult scooter: fun to ride, the oversized tyres look great and the colour really pops.

The adjustable handlebars can extend from 88cm to 96cm so can fit a variety of ages, which I loved, especially being on the shorter side myself. The front and rear brakes were easy to use gives it the look of a BMX bike. A fab and fun all-rounder.

Apogee kick adult scooter


This took the longest of all the scooters to build and was more like a bike than a scooter to put together, but it was well worth the wait.

This bike-like scooter made for a really fun scoot. With its large 26-inch front wheel and 20-inch rear wheel it made for a lovely smooth ride and was great for freewheeling. I loved the whole look of this scooter.

With its cool design and large wheels, I realised that you could use a bike lock to secure it whilst you pop into town. It even comes with a bottle holder, perfect for longer journeys. If you are looking for something fun with a quirky look the Apogee adult scooter is for you.

Decathlon Town7 XL – Mint green


Decathlon’s Town7 XL adult scooter is the perfect combination of a smooth ride with a cool colour. It was a hit with the whole family and worked for me (just under 5ft tall) and my husband who is 6ft 1. I really enjoyed riding this scooter, it was smooth over bumps, and perfect for whizzing to the local shops. The scooter was really easy to assemble and folds down quickly and easily, ideal for storing at work or home. I’m not alone in loving this scooter as it has over 3500 five-star reviews on the Decathlon website. The handlebar brake is a great addition, rather than having to balance using the back brake. If you want an adult scooter, that’s easy to steer, looks great and is quick to fold, then look no further.

Speed Classic Micro Scooter

Micro Scooter

When I think of scooters for children, Micro Scooters pops in my head, so it’s great to see they have a comprehensive range of adult scooters too.

This scooter may be on the smaller size for some adults but at 3.8kg it’s built for speed. I loved the carry strap which is perfect once the scooter is folded, it’s easy to throw over your shoulder.

It comes with a kick stand, if you want to prop it up without having to worry about it falling over. It certainly lived up to its name – the Speed Classic, it’s nippy and a lot of fun to ride.

Micro Scooters also have adult helmets which are a sensible idea when you are whizzing along at speed.

Classic White Micro Scooter

Micro Scooter

This does what it says on the tin. It is a classic Micro Scooter.

Sleek, sturdy and timeless, with a low deck for minimal effort. The deck was larger than the speed classic, so much better for riders with bigger feet, or for swapping feet quickly and easily to save achy legs. At 4.7kg it’s super light so another great option when out and about. This is a great scooter for looking good without being too try try-hard. The adjustable handlebar is a great option so can suit growing children or adults of different heights. I love this simple white elegance of this classic adult scooter.

Evo suspension commuter scooter


The Evo adult scooter from Halfords is described as a commuter scooter and it is clear to see why. Taking just minutes to set up out of the box, it was quick and easy to get scooting. With its simple fold design, it comes with a handy carry strap. This was a slightly bumpier ride than the others but was great for short trips. I liked the sleek design and simple colour scheme. The front hand brake makes it really easy to slow down without thinking that you’ll fall off! The scooter comes with lifetime safety checks at Halfords, so you can make sure that you stay safe, whilst having fun.

SwiftyONE MK3

Swifty Scooters

Swifty Scooters has a celeb following and it is easy to see why. Having seen Kirstie Allsopp whizzing about on one on Location, Location, Location, I wanted to find out more about the brand.

The SwiftyOne MK3 comes in three stunning colours and is perfect for taller riders up to 6ft 5”. It folds down so is great for commuting, the style reminded me of a Brompton bike.

At £749.99 ,the price isn’t for everyone, but they are built to last, and perfect if you want to spend more on a stylish scooter that you’d used every day.


A great scooter with a super-fast set-up time and cool design, Decathlon’s Commute 900 is our pick of the best scooters for adults.

Special mention to the BMX scooter from Osprey Action: incredibly fun to scoot on and I loved the BMX design, a nice nod to the eighties.

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