Driver Buys Ferrari Then Crashes It In Less Than Two Miles

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Photo: Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit

Police in Derbyshire, United Kingdom, said Friday morning that a driver who had purchased a Ferrari 488 on the morning of April 1 had also crashed said 488. The police said that there were no injuries involved.

That is pretty much all you need to know, though the police also posted some photos showing a sad and damaged 488 that had the misfortune of being purchased by someone who almost immediately crashed it.

The police clarified in a follow-up tweet that this was “Not an April fool,” by which they mean that their tweet about the crash is not a joke, because, taken literally, the driver of this particular Ferrari is, in fact, an April fool.

The BBC says the crash was in Derby, United Kingdom, specifically, on St Alkmund’s Way, and that it happened a little before 11:00 a.m. local time. The Daily Mail adds that the 488 was the only car involved in the crash, and that the car was moved from the road and that the driver arranged their own tow. Police also told the Daily Mail that the driver “was not arrested or charged with any offence,” which suggests that drugs and/or alcohol were not a factor, though that also leaves me a little more baffled as to what went down here.

Someone bought a Ferrari and then managed to crash it in under two mi
les without doing anything illegal? That is the height of silliness, though the driver can presumably soothe any embarrassment they might have by rubbing their face with a wad of money. I’m sure they will also be tempted to go buy another Ferrari and pretend like none of this didn’t happen, but if they do I’d recommend having someone else drive it home from the dealer. Like me. I’m around. Just let me know.

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