Drivers should check cars for potentially lifesaving SOS button

Legislation making it a requirement came in four years ago, but many of us are unaware of the button.

The built-in safety feature is automatically activated in the event of an accident when the airbags are deployed.

It can also be manually activated by the driver or passenger by pressing a button known as the eCall SOS button.

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(National Highways)

The eCall SOS button can be found in the ceiling console by the internal rear-view mirror, behind a pop-out hatch or on the centre console.

When it is activated, the system transmits your location, including direction of travel, whilst contacting a 999 operator.

As a result, it reduced the time it takes for the police, fire service or ambulance to respond and arrive at your exact location.

The 999 operator will use your vehicle’s built-in safety feature to speak to you, and ask for further information to respond quickly and appropriately.

If you can, clearly tell the 999 operator you need urgent assistance. If you are unable to respond to the 999 operator, your vehicle details will be automatically passed to the police.

Mel Clarke, Customer Services Director at National Highways, told the Manchester Evening News: “Safety is our priority at National Highways.

“The emergency call (eCall) system and its SOS button could save lives and revolutionise road incident response on the roads, yet our research shows that most people do not know about it.

“I urge drivers to check if they have this safety feature installed, particularly if your vehicle was manufactured since April 2018, and to follow our advice about how and when to use it.”

You should use the eCall SOS system when you:

  • Are experiencing a medical emergency
  • Can see someone else need emergency help, such as a broken down vehicle blocking a lane
  • Have stopped in live traffic
  • Cannot exit your vehicle safely
  • Are in a dangerous location

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