Edge Cycling, the UAE’s premier adventure, gravel & ultra-cycling shop, opens in Town Square

Pedal Beyond the Ordinary: 

  • Founded by Emirati Ultra-Cyclist, Omar Al Saadi, Edge Cycling aims to bring cyclists of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds together
  • Close to Dubai’s cycling precinct, Edge Cycling is a full-service bike shop with mechanic workshop, as well as a community café 

Dubai: Edge Cycling, the UAE’s first and premier bike shop for gravel, ultra and adventure cycling is now open in Town Square, Dubai. Proudly Emirati and founded by passionate ultra-cyclist Omar Al Saadi, Edge Cycling curates and creates custom bikes, premium kits, and trailblazing trips around the world, bringing  together the local and global cycling community, irrespective of age, ability, or background.

For Al Saadi, the opening comes as the UAE and Middle East is establishing itself as a year-round cycling destination for road, gravel, and ultra-cycling. It also comes as the international amateur road, gravel, and ultra-cycling calendar bounces back with a robust line-up of summer events following pandemic- related disruptions and cancellations of the past two years.    

“Dubai and the UAE have a vibrant and active cycling scene that is thriving as more and more people see the beauty and adventure of life behind bars.Through my own experience as an ultra-cyclist, I’ve seen more and more cyclists of all levels, here in the UAE and internationally, explore the different forms of cycling, such as gravel and adventure cycling. Edge Cycling caters to anyone seeking to move beyond their own ordinary and experience real adventure.”

He adds: “We are opening at a time when many cyclists in Dubai, and many in our Edge Cycling community*, look forward to summer races and events around the world. We are here to support them and also introduce people of all abilities to the various forms of cycling out there.”           

Even before the opening of their store in Town Square, Edge Cycling has been working      over the past year to foster a growing community of gravel and adventure cyclists with weekly rides to off-the-beaten-path locations across Dubai and the Northern Emirates. While many in the community have their own bikes, many others – from beginners to experienced cyclists – are supported through Edge Cycling’s bike rental service which provides custom bikes from brands like Allied and Curve for those wanting to try gravel cycling.

Also stocked in the shop across a range of products including bikes, wheels, tyres, kit and accessories are brands including PEdALED, Panaracer Gravel King, Deda, and Wahoo.  Along with being a full-service bike shop with a mechanic workshop, Edge Cycling has a café serving fine coffee and café fare, including sandwiches, smoothies, snacks, and acai bowls.    

With a desire to spread his passion for cycling and adventure, Al Saadi says that Edge Cycling is committed to educating people on the techniques and gear required to elevate their cycling to new adventurous levels, both in the UAE and abroad. While gravel and adventure cycling may seem intimidating to some, Al Saadi also notes that many beginners have developed a love of adventure cycling through the Edge Cycling community and that the shop caters to cyclists of all levels and interests.

“Edge Cycling is an inclusive community for anyone who enjoys cycling or is interested in it. We’re here to facilitate and support cyclists’ entry into the sport in general, or further their journey through gravel, adventure, or ultra-cycling. Everyone is welcome.” 

Edge Cycling is conveniently located close to Dubai’s cycling precinct, Al Qudra, in the Zahra Breeze Building, Town Square, Dubai.

For more information on Edge Cycling, visit www.edgecycling.ae or find them on instagram at @edge.cycling. 



  • 10am to 8pm – Thursday to Tuesday –  Ramadan Hours
  • 7am to 7pm –  Cafe Hours – Thursday to Tuesday – Post Ramadan
  • 9am to 7pm –  Shop & Workshop Hours – Thursday to Tuesday – Post Ramadan

Location: Shop Number 2, Zahra Breeze, Town Square, United Arab Emirates

Edge Cycling Online

*Among the races that Edge Cycling community members will be participating in this year include:

  • BikingMan Portugal, a 1000km unsupported one-stage cycling race taking place in May 2022
  • BikingMan Corsica, a 1000km unsupported one-stage cycling race taking place in June 2022 on the Mediterranean Island
  • Migration Gravel Race, a semi supported 650km, four-day stage race across the wilds of the Maasai Mara, Kenya taking place in June 2022
  • Gorilla Gravel Race, a 300km gravel race taking place in Rwanda in June 2022
  • The Rhino Run, a 2700km unsupported one-stage cycling race taking place in South Africa and Namibia in October 2022

For more information, contact:
Dawn Barnable
The B Collective on behalf of Edge Cycling

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