Family Sells their Cars to Ride E-Bikes Instead | News

KENNEWICK, WA – A family of five is going eco-friendly after they sold their car this past November to purchase E-Bikes instead.

Nadine and Richard Kemp said this was the best decision they made, especially since they don’t need to worry about gas anymore. Not only are they known for being that “E-Bike family,” but they’re also known for helping out the community whenever they can, even during the cruel winter. 

“We want to promote safety…within the community and what better way to do that is getting out of your car and on a bike,” said Nadine “Christmas night we were able to go out and give blankets to the homeless, we packed out the whole thing with food and warm food, containers and we passed it out along the Columbia Point River and out kids get to be a part of that.” 

She also said the best part about being able to ride anywhere in town is being able to see the details of the city, which is something you can’t take in when you’re inside of a car. 

Their 10-year-old son, Diesel, agreed with his parents on that. “Just being able to get out of the house and leave all our responsibilities in the house and just go ride away,” he said. 

Not only is the family saving on gas, car insurance, and car payments, but they’re also seeing the benefits of their daily bike commutes physically and mentally. 

When asked if it was a difficult transition going from driving almost every day to biking, Richard Kemp said it took a bit of adjustment but is grateful they get to do this as a family. 

“We ride our bikes to CBC charge it and come back, and I think the furthest I’ve ridden the bike was up to South Richland from North Richland and I charged it while I sat at the coffee shop for a little bit and then was able to get all the way back again on one charge,” he said. 

You can follow their journey on Facebook at That E-Bike Fam.

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