‘Find a Way to Reach’ with Audi

'Find a Way to Reach' with Audi
‘Find a Way to Reach’ with Audi

Audi Turkey’s video series ‘Find a Way’, in which different lifestyles meet with Turkey’s prominent cities with its history and culture, continues with the video of travel blogger Kemal Kaya.

Kemal Kaya, whose articles on his travels in Turkey and abroad are followed with interest, is in Adana to find a way to reach, in the new movie of the series.

Audi’s video series ‘Find a Way’ continues, in which Turkey’s cities that stand out with their historical and cultural riches and different life stories are brought together.

Travel writer Kemal Kaya is in Adana to ‘Find a Way to Reach’ in the fourth film of the series. In the video shot in the natural and historical beauties of Adana and its region, Kaya is accompanied by Audi’s Q3 model.

To reach, you must first set off.

Saying that his travels to hundreds of cities and dozens of countries started with an ordinary journey, Kemal Kaya says that he preferred to leave his own traces instead of following the traces, and that he had more exciting and different experiences.

Saying that the passion of seeing, exploring and reaching the unknown takes people on the road, Kaya expresses the beauty of the region and the city as follows: “As a travel writer, I seem far away from everything I am curious about. I’m here to find a way to reach them. But there’s one thing I’m close to, it’s this fascinating truth.”

the series continues

In Audi Turkey’s “Find a Way” video series, videos explaining a way of Discovering, Designing, and Dreaming were shared before.

In the coming days, the series will continue in different atmospheres with the extraordinary stories of pianist Emir Ersoy and photographer Mustafa Arıkan.

Each of the videos, in which the stories of people who seek a different way of living and who have different lifestyles are shared, take their inspiration from Audi’s philosophy of ‘excellence’, ‘innovation’, ‘fascinating’, ‘passionate’, ‘modern’ and ’emotional aesthetics’. . Films, audi.com.tr and Audi Youtube can be viewed on the page.

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