Fitness App Fiit Adds Connected Treadmill Classes, And They Are As Challenging As You’d Expect

Fiit, one of our favourite workout apps, has continued its move into connected cardio with the release of 26 treadmill sessions to its app. 

If you complete the workouts using an Assault Fitness AssaultRunner self-powered treadmill you can sync the app to record your average speed and calories burned on the tread. Add in a Fiit chest strap for heart rate readings and rep counting, and your efforts will be added to a leaderboard for certain workouts.

The workouts are either 25 or 40 minutes in length and, like the connected air bike workouts that launched earlier this year, are divided into three categories: sprint, metcon and endure. As well as time on the treadmill, mat work with weights features in every workout.

Fiit studios AssaultRunner Pro treadmill

The set-up at Fiit’s east London studios. (Image credit: Jonathan Shannon / Future)

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