Gallery: Kasia Niewiadoma’s Canyon Aeroad team bike

Here is a bike that deserves a break from the norm. We have a relatively simple structure for bike galleries: introduction, details, images, and captions. It’s simple but it works, and generally, we never deviate from it. But rather than waste your time with an introduction to Kasia Niewiadoma’s Canyon Aeroad, I’ve decided to break from that traditional structure and let you immediately enjoy the chaotic brilliance of this paint job. Catch you in a bit for some actual details on the bike.

Ok, wipe the drool from your keyboard, let’s get into the actual details of this bike. Canyon-SRAM is synonymous with loud kits and paint jobs that bring colour and fun to a sea of samey team designs. The designs might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are a breath of fresh air for many. As the team continues to push the design envelope, it’s natural to fear that some year it will run out of options or get it wrong. This year is not that year, though.

The 2022 team kit, designed by Ultan Coyle, features diamonds, manipulated satellite images, numerous colours, meteorological symbols and wind patterns. That design is extended to the team bike and the result, in my opinion, is fantastic.

Bike weight: 7.4kg

Saddle Setup:Centre of the bottom bracket to centre of the saddle – 66cm. Tip of the saddle behind the bottom bracket – 6.9cm.

Handlebar setup: Width at the drops – 38cm. Width at the hoods – 36cm. Tip of the saddle to centre of the handlebars – 54cm. Tip of the saddle to the levers – 67.5cm. Drop from top of the saddle to top of the handlebars – 8cm.

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