Historic Forestville home earns prominence | News, Sports, Jobs

1 Historic Forestville home earns prominence | News, Sports, Jobs

OBSERVER Photo by Anthony Dolce
The Pierce House is located on Center Street in Forestville.

FORESTVILLE — Gov. Kathy Hochul recently announced the Board for Historic Preservation has recommended the addition of 21 properties to the State and National Registers of Historic Places.

“As we reflect on the broad and diverse history of the Empire State, these nominations represent the places behind the inspiring stories from our past,” Governor Hochul said. “These additions to the historic registers will help ensure resources are available to protect historic sites so that the past can continue to inspire us today — and into the future.”

These nominations include former facilities involved in early automobile manufacturing and sales in Buffalo and Syracuse, a cemetery in the Mohawk Valley that includes the author of the Pledge of Allegiance, and among other things, a historic house in Forestville.

The Levi J. & Frances A. Pierce House is a Second Empire-style residence that was built around 1871 in Forestville, and is the sole example of the style in the community, retaining nearly all of its original exterior and interior features and finishes. The property also features its original hitching posts and carriage house.

Because of this new listing, this Forestville house will be able to gain recognition due to its architectural qualities.

Hanover Town Board member Lou Pelletter said that the designation will also help Imagine Forestville in preserving the Historical District.

“This designation will also assist Imagine Forestville in its goal of forming a Historical District in the former Village by showing that the area has a home that has been recognized by the State and Federal Governments for its historical and architectural importance,” said Pelletter. “Hopefully, this designation will also help inspire other owners of historical properties to preserve their homes to their original grandeur and support inclusion in the future Historic District of Forestville. This should then assist Forestville with its economic development and revitalization of the community as well as possible funding for the Historic District.”

Pelletter added that the house is listed as a Historical Property that should be preserved, based on the listing in the booklet “Historic Preservation in Chautauqua County,” published in June 1977. And with this designation, the Pierce House will be among other historic properties that should be preserved because of their importance in United States history.

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