Leeds Bradford Airport non official car park alternative praised as ‘absolutely first class’

Earlier this week, we reported on the shocking number of complaints raised by angry holidaymakers who were unhappy with the parking available at Leeds Bradford Airport.

Where to leave your car as you jet off for a few days to somewhere else, is a nerve-racking experience, and uncertainty as to whether your vehicle will still even be there when you return can be a source of anxiety that derails any hope of a relaxing getaway.

Add to this the escalating cost of parking fees and you might even be debating whether to bother heading abroad at all!

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Rather than focus on the negative reviews however, we’ve trawled the internet for the best car parking services as recommended by you, that have been lauded as affordable, accessible and reliable.

So where is the best to park at Leeds Bradford Airport?

TripAdvisor, Google Reviews and Trustpilot users all seem to agree, the number one parking choice for passengers jet setting off from Leeds Bradford Airport, is Sentinel Secure Airport Parking.

“We always used sentinel parking, very handy and reliable. Literally 2 minutes off site with free shuttle buses” said orbitalgirl in a glowing recommendation on TripAdvisor.

Fellow user Girton also agreed, saying “Another vote for Sentinel. Secure parking and efficient and quick shuttle service.”

Similar sentiments were also echoed by Deb_Leeds who praised the “Absolutely fantastic friendly service.”

Another user YorkshireGirlGuide also shared her experience saying “I book Sentinel every time I use Leeds/Bradford. They are the best value but moreover they convenient, efficient and friendly. We never have to wait more than a minute or so to be taken the short drive to the airport door (same for return)”

Rated 4.8 out of 5 on APH, Airport Parking and Hotels, Sentinel also offers 24 hour staff, CCTV surveillance, along with a complimentary shuttle service to the terminals, complete with specialist help and assistance for disabled passengers who may need assistance with luggage or wheelchairs.

Another popular recommendation was the Airport’s own parking service, however this is one of the locations that hugely split visitors, with some passengers loving the service, while others were less convinced.

“Absolutely first class. I upgraded to the nearer terminal and enjoyed a great service,” wrote one reviewer in August last year.

Another holidaymaker agreed, saying: “I was a bit sceptical about the shuttle bus as I usually park with Meet & Greet. I needn’t have been as it was excellent service and I hardly had to wait at all.

“On arrival at the shuttle bus stop there is an intercom where you can tell them you are waiting for a bus. After using this we were only waiting for three to four minutes for the bus. Will definitely use again.”

A spokesperson for the airport said: “LBA continues to provide competitive prices on parking and in some cases is substantially lower than other UK airports. Whilst we want to reduce emissions from vehicles around the airport, we also understand and facilitate for reliable, accessible solutions in our Pick Up and Drop Off area and other associated car parks.

“We look forward to welcoming more passengers back to the airport in 2022, with many taking their first holiday following the impacts of the pandemic.”

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