Local Boy Scouts host fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Michaela Redmond

Boy Scouts of America Troop 316 didn’t spend their Sunday lazing around watching TV or playing video games. Instead, they were getting their hands dirty for a great cause.

The troop was at Forest Lake United Methodist Church, washing cars and handing out lunch for every $20 donation. But that money isn’t for the troop. It’s for child refugees who were forced to flee Ukraine after Russia’s unprecedented attack on the country.

For that $20, participants got their car washed, a barbecue sandwich, chips, a drink and dessert.

Local businesses donated the food and drinks, and a local cleaning company supplied buckets, soap, sponges and squeegees. The church OK’d the troop’s use of their property and water to get those cars clean.

Troop 316 Patrol Leader Emma Kennedy said it’s sad to think of how many children are being affected by what’s happening in Ukraine.

“We know that there’s a lot of kids, about 2 million that need help and we know that they didn’t want this to happen,” said Kennedy. “They can’t help anything that’s happened.”

It’s not a surprise that the Scouts want to help Ukraine. It’s part of why they’re Scouts. The organization provides life skills, lessons in self-confidence and leadership opportunities for boys and girls.

Troop 316 Patrol Leader Hudson Long said it was about stepping up and helping out.

“I thought to myself, what could I do? You know I’m sitting on my couch in Alabama in air conditioning and they’re in bomb shelters,” said Long. “We really have to, as people and Scouts, look inside ourselves and think ‘what can we do?’ ”

Scouts were also responsible for cooking the food and delivering it to participants’ cars.

Many of those who participated in the car wash donated more than the $20 requested.

Troop 316 Scout Master Greta Davis said she’s proud of how hard the troop worked and hopes this money will bring some relief.

“Hopefully it will just give them a little bit of peace of mind,” said Davis. “Depending on where they’ve landed, here in the United States or somewhere else, hopefully, the money generated today will help at least give them a place to rest their head and some food to eat.”

Troop 316 also set up an online donation portal for anyone who couldn’t participate Sunday. It is available on Troop 316’s Facebook Page or right here.

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