Marrill factory answers questions from Llanfylin Mayor

The Mayor of Llanfyllin visited the old Stadco factory as it prepares to reopen under new management.

Cllr Peter Lewis paid a visit to the factory, which is now owned by Coventry-based car parts manufacturer Marrill Ltd, as it prepares to reopen following a period in which the plant was under threat of closure.

Mr Lewis, who supported the Marrill takeover, was invited to have a look around the factory by plant manager Neil Davies.

Mr Lewis said: “On behalf of Llanfyllin Town Council, I would like to congratulate Marrill Ltd for the investment into our town and local factory, and for the visit and answering local questions.

“This is a big investment for our town and we are pleased to see a new investment drive to ensure our small-Town factory survives.”

The tour of the factory included a look at the Loire 2500T Hydraulic Press being installed, the largest of its kind in the UK.

Staff at the factory answered concerns from residents who have spoken to Mr Lewis about the noise emitting from the site.

Mr Davies addressed these concerns by informing the mayor that the press operated on a slow squeeze mechanism, meaning that the press would not be making regular thumping noises.

Foundations for the press installation are currently underway, with a hole 5m deep being dug into the factory floor.

The foundation has been engineered so that the factory roof does not have to be removed in order to get the press into the factory building.

The press delivery is expected early May 2022, and will be delivered in pieces, will be stored on Marrill premises and due to be completed June 2022.

Marrill received assistance from the Welsh Government in taking over the factory after Stadco announced it would be closing its mid Wales operation in October 2020. The deal secured 102 jobs for the community.

The company has agreed a seven-figure loan facility with the Development Bank of Wales and an offer of non-payable finance of £700,000 from the Welsh Government towards investment in new machinery, which will support the creation of new jobs.

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