My Rudge bicycle days – Stabroek News

Living again in Guyana and driving about in my van, I am often reminded of my early life in Georgetown, and going to St. Stanislaus. During my school days at St. Stanislaus College on a scholarship, I would board during the week with my DeSouza cousins in Carmichael Street in Georgetown, and go home to Vreed-en-Hoop for the weekend.  I moved back and forth on my Rudge bicycle, whether going to Saints during the week, or back to Vreed-en-Hoop on weekends. 

Looking back on those days later, I remembered how it was often difficult to make the various connections involved on my Rudge bicycle…. during the week, sometimes having to come from the school grounds on the East Coast (where I played soccer in the afternoon for the school, Galton House team) and had to make sure I left the ground in time to catch the last ferry boat for the day to Vreed-en- Hoop, where the Martins family lived.

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