Segway unleashes crazy powerful GT series electric kickscooters

After announcing a new batch of high-powered electric kickscooters early last month, Segway has now launched the GT series on Indiegogo – with the GT2 SuperScooter capable of a crazy top speed of 43.5 mph.

Though the video at the end does show full-helmet-wearing riders ripping through city streets, Segway is hedging its road-legal bets by pitching the GT series as racing thrill machines for the track or off-roading rather than for your daily commute.

The first of the two member GT series is the GT1, which boasts 1,400 watts of rear-hub motor power with peak output of 3 kW for a top speed of 37.3 mph (60 km/h) and a zero to 30 mph sprint time of 7.5 seconds. The 1-kWh battery under the extra-wide deck is reckoned to offer a per-charge range of 43.5 miles (70 km), though you’re unlikely to manage such figures at full tilt.

The speed demon benefits from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction, features 15 levels of adjustable spring suspension in a double wishbone configuration to the front and trailing arm at the back and offers dual hydraulic disc braking with 5.5-inch rotors plus motor braking. It rides on 11-inch puncture-resistant tubeless tires that have a thin “self-healing” layer inside to seal up any holes without leaking, sports daytime-running LED lights plus turn indicators and has IPX4 weatherproofing for the scooter body, and IPX7 for the controller.

The electric kickscooters feature powerful motors, long-range batteries, full suspension, 11-inch "self-healing" tires and hydraulic disc braking
The electric kickscooters feature powerful motors, long-range batteries, full suspension, 11-inch “self-healing” tires and hydraulic disc braking


If the GT1’s top speed isn’t scary enough for your standing ride, Segway has bumped it up even further to 43.5 mph (80 km/h) for the GT2, which features dual 1,500-W motors for peak output of 6 kW. This model also slashes the standstill to 30 mph time down to a menacing 3.9 seconds at the highest of six ride modes.

The monstrous 1,512-Wh battery pack is reported good for up to 55.9 miles (90 km) on a single charge. There’s adjustable air suspension in the same configuration as the GT1, a dynamic traction control system that adjusts torque for better grip on loose or slippery surfaces and a cool-looking transparent OLED display rather that the plain ol’ digital screen of its series sibling. Elsewhere though, the GT2 rolls on the same 11-inch “self-healing” tires, and features the same LED lights, braking options and weatherproofing.

As you might expect for such powerful electric kickscooters, they don’t ride in at the budget end of the e-mobility spectrum. Indiegogo pledges for the GT1 currently start at US$2,499 while the GT2 comes in at $3,499. If all goes to plan with the already-funded campaign, shipping is estimated to start in August. The video below has more.

Segway GT Series Commercial

Source: Segway

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