Students receive lessons on Video Editing

Under the CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative programme which is a national programme on skill development initiated by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), a workshop on ‘Video Editing’ was organised on a digital platform by CSIR- National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur.

The workshop was planned to give an exposure to school students, teachers and other interested individuals to impart in-depth knowledge of tools and techniques required for video editing. The main objective of this program was to train teachers and school students on editing video in a comprehensive, innovative and easy way using professional video editing software.

The highlights of this special event were: Basic approaches in video editing, Tools & techniques, Editing background, Sound effects and Noise cancellation.

The one-hour program started at 4 pm with a welcome address delivered by Dr. Mita Tarafder, Head, KRIT Division of CSIR-NML. In her welcome address she discussed the importance of understanding video editing and having knowledge of this subject for school students and teachers to include creative contents while presenting a new idea or concept.

The guest speaker of the evening programme was Snehasis Ghosal. Ghosal is a mechanical engineer with a postgraduate degree. He has a rich exposure to the automobile industry as a specialist and a passionate photographer with a keen interest in video editing technologies. As expressed by him, video editing was a subject by itself and gave an overview of different software and technologies widely used by professional photographers and videographers. His session was very interesting and interactive as the participants took a lot of interest to interact with the speaker.

The programme came to an end with a vote of thanks extended by Pragati Jha, a team member of KRIT Division. The virtual programme was attended by around 90 interested people having various professional backgrounds.


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