Suspected shooter dies after shootout with police at Oak Forest grocery store; officer also shot

OAK FOREST, Ill. (CBS) – What began as an apparent car accident ended in gunfire at an Oak Forest grocery store Sunday afternoon. 

Officials say just before noon Ketura Wilson, 21, fled from police who responded to a call of a driver in distress. Illinois State Police say Oak Forest Police officers attempted to take Wilson to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. 

She ran from the accident to a barbershop and then towards the Food 4 Less supermarket where she later died. 

Some of Wilson’s final moments were caught on exclusive cell phone video taken from inside the barbershop. 

She tried to get in when one of the barbers told her to drop the gun and turn herself in to police. 

She did not. Instead she ran. 

Video shows her running away from officers down the street toward the Food 4 Less store near 159th and Central Avenue a half mile away. Police could be heard over radio saying she tried to carjack someone to get there.  

That is where the police chase ended. After she fired at police officers inside the store, officers fired back. 

Wilson and an officer were both struck by gunfire. 

Jackie Human said she and her husband shop at Food 4 Less every Sunday. She said she heard yelling, it escalated, and then she heard gunfire. 

“I stood there for a minute. I didn’t know which direction it was coming from. And then when I realized it wasn’t stopping, I ran with the other people,” she said. 

Kal Dasan is the barber who tried to get Wilson to turn herself in. 

“Told her, just throw your gun on the ground,” he said. “It’s not worth it. She looked at me for like a minute. She just kept staring and after that she just took off. She started running down the street.” 

Both the police officer and Wilson were taken to the hospital, and Wilson later died from her wounds. The officer was in serious but stable condition. 

It is still not clear if there was anyone else involved in the car crash or if Wilson used her weapon before she made it to the supermarket. 

The Oak Forest Police Department requested the Illinois State Police Public Integrity Task Force investigate the shooting.

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