Try the ‘Peloton of water sports’ – Hydrow

The company’s CEO Bruce Smith spent 10 years at a rowing club in Boston before founding the business. He tells me: ‘Nobody used to be able to do it. You’d have to go to university or a club and learn the hard way’. Smith, an experienced rower, is keen to reveal the brilliance of the sport to the curious layperson. He has founded a machine which, unlike its competitors, ‘connects the exercise to what happens out on the water’. 

The Oxford versus Cambridge boat race is a blink and you’ll miss it event, where onlookers wait in excitement, craning their necks for the appearance of the boats, between sips of beer and cheers for their respective sides. But if hunkering down to watch the race doesn’t quite quench your thirst for the sport, then Hydrow offers the opportunity to fall in love with rowing and, most appealingly, without the risk of capsizing or enduring cold winds.

Hydrow Rower

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Race on the Thames will be available in the Hydrow library from Wednesday 30 March 

Hydrow is priced at £1,995 with a £38 monthly subscription, available to order at Selfridges London and online from

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