USA American Heros, Sqweaky Wheel bike shop opens in Martinsville

Jason Wolfe and Kathleen McAughey cut the ribbon on Sqweaky Wheel LLC and the new location of U.S. American Heros Flag Shop.

MARTINSVILLE — When you walk into the storefront at 210 W. York St., you’re likely to run into not one business owner, but two.

That’s because the location is home to two small businesses.

One of the businesses, USA American Heros, has been a staple in Morgan County for nearly a decade since being purchased by Kathleen McAughey and her late husband Mike from a Greenwood man.

For the first few years, McAughey’s husband operated the business in Mooresville until he passed away.

After his death, McAughey took the business over and eventually moved it to downtown Martinsville in early 2017.

McAughey said she moved because the business needed a larger location.

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